Why Vinyl Pool Decks Are So Popular

If you’re sick of splinters and staining, it might be time to replace that wooden deck with a vinyl one! This material requires none of the additive sealants or protective coatings natural wood does and stands up incredibly well against wear all on its own. Vinyl is an especially popular material when it comes to pool decks, and in this post, we’re outlining the reasons why.

Low-Maintenance Pool Decks

You may be leaning more towards composite decking because you’ve heard it’s low-maintenance, but here us out– vinyl is, too! It’s durable and stands up remarkably well against the elements, including any chlorine water that makes its way out of your pool. Vinyl is extremely resistant to fading, peeling, or cracking and requires zero painting or staining. With a wooden deck, you would find yourself resealing and painting every couple of years or even more frequently. Furthermore, vinyl has a lifetime warranty protection against chips, peels, cracks, or fades.

Still want the look of natural wood? We don’t blame you! Vinyl decking can actually be made to appear like wooden planks to afford you the aesthetic you want without the risk of splinters, rotting, or discoloration from the sun. It’s the best of both worlds!


Most importantly of all, vinyl has a bit of a superpower: it’s slip-resistant when wet. No more worrying about a slick composite pool deck covered in puddles or risking an unexpected dip after it rains– vinyl’s got your back. This is the biggest reason why so many homeowners choose vinyl for their pool areas; you can put your trust in this material just as thousands of pool owners have before you.

With slicker surfaces, you’d be more limited on what kind of pool deck would be feasible to have around. But with slip-resistant vinyl, you can worry less about the downsides of adding stairs or flourishes and focus on your vision. Popular vinyl decking applications include balconies, staircases, and raised decking for above-ground pools. Even when wet, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your stairs and floors will be slip-resistant.

Trust in Us

We bring experience and craftsmanship to all of our projects along with the highest quality in materials, ensuring your 100% satisfaction. Alongside vinyl’s lifetime warranty protection against chips, peels, cracks, and fades, we offer lifetime structural warranties for any other product or material you might choose. We build our custom deck solutions to last a lifetime, so all you have to worry about it enjoying them.

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