Why Should I Get a Fence?

Every homeowner and every property is different, but one thing’s for sure– a quality fence can add quite a bit to aesthetic beauty and security of your home. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to install a fence!

Property Security

When it comes to your home, you want to feel as safe as possible. A fence along your property line adds an extra element of protection from intruders, including the animal kind. Bunnies are cute until they decimate your backyard garden! Solid vinyl fencing styles in particular are a great way to add privacy to your yard. No nosy neighbors here!

A fence will also ensure that your kids and pets don’t wander off. If you’re sick of walking your dog in circles around the yard every time it has to answer the call of nature, a fence might be just the thing you need. Now you can watch the dog puttering around smelling every blade of grass in the middle of winter from inside the heated house…

Curb Appeal

Those looking to put their home on the market can appreciate the curb appeal a fence brings. Prospective homeowners will see one less project they have to undertake themselves and appreciate the extra security along with the added bonus of buying a property that feels more complete. Aesthetically, fencing ties a home together while adding that last touch to the landscaping. From classic white pickets to the rustic appeal of natural wood to the winding elegance of ironwork, fencing literally frames your home and compliments its existing beauty.

Pool Safety

If you own a pool, fencing around the area’s perimeter will serve several purposes. The first is security, deterring any wannabe pool-hoppers or animals. The second is privacy, depending on your style of choice, and the third is aesthetic appeal– we’re fans of the wrought-iron look ourselves! The fourth is safety. When you have young children in the household or hold a gathering that includes kids, you don’t want to worry about anyone falling into the water when the adults are looking the other way. Having that peace of mind is key when it comes to the safety and comfort of your children. And your household includes more furry members, a fence will be just as beneficial. You know what they say about cats and water, and an unexpected dip does not a happy pet make!

Ready for a New Deck or Fence?

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