Three Reasons to Install a Deck This Spring

Spring has sprung once more, and as your resident fence and deck experts, we’re here to tell you that now is the time to install that backyard deck you’ve always wanted! And no, it’s not just because we’re biased. Here are our top three reasons homeowners should install decks in the spring!

Ready for Summer

Get ready for warm weather with a new deck! The perfect place to hold a gathering, watch the sunset, or simply kick back and relax, a deck broadens the usability of your household and adds to its beauty at the same time. Expand your design skills with outdoor furniture and lighting, or give yourself a backyard oasis even in the rain by adding an awning. It’s exciting to begin planning on using such a significant addition, and the best opportunities to do so are available in the spring and summer. You can’t plant flowers in those beautiful new hanging pots when it’s snowing! And you especially don’t want to spend an entire afternoon party attempting to keep your teeth from chattering in the name of using the new deck immediately, winter be damned…

Long story short, installing a deck brings so many opportunities to your property, and allows you to enjoy summer to its fullest!

Maintenance Schedule

If your deck is installed in the spring, that sets your maintenance schedule to correspond with the milder months of the year. Any power washing, mild scrubbing, or repainting is generally recommended to follow a multi-year cycle, so it’s good to get in the habit of doing so in the spring rather than in the heat of midsummer (or, worse yet, the frozen heart of winter!). Plus, it’s always good to be prepared– if for any reason you’re unhappy with an aspect of your deck, a spring installation leaves time for changes before you’ll miss out on summer opportunities.

Immediate Use

As with a pool, when you install a deck in the winter or even fall, you’ll have to wait months on end in order to really enjoy the impact. By the time warmer weather arrives, the “newness” will have worn off! It also exposes your new deck to a season or two of the elements before you’ve been able to use it. You’ll want to get as much use out of any home exterior structure as you can before maintenance is required. Of course, some decking materials, especially synthetic decking, requires little upkeep, but being able to wait an extra few months before your deck is due for a scrub feels better than you’d think!

Ready for a New Deck or Fence?

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