The Case For Garden Fences

If you planted a garden last spring, you’re doubtlessly enjoying the fruits of your labor already. Whether you’re growing fresh vegetables or a beautiful bed of flowers, your work is sure to be rewarded. Your yard will look wonderful to boot. Who doesn’t love a pop of color when it comes to landscaping? Today, we’re taking a look at why garden fences are a good choice.

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Garden plants aren’t the only flora and fauna that come out to play when the weather’s warm. Protect your produce from curious rabbits, deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, gophers, and even skunks with a good fence. It is especially important if you don’t have a fence around the perimeter of your property. Even if your area isn’t known for wildlife, any dogs wandering around (including your own) are fully capable of getting ideas. Groundhogs aren’t the only animals that like to dig holes in the freshly-turned earth!

Of course, no amount of fences will keep flying pests away, but you wouldn’t want to ward off bees and butterflies in the process anyway. Worms reach your garden just as easily with a fence, which is good– they increase the amount of air, water, and broken-down organic matter in the soil. Even their feces act as fertilizer!


Some plants require a little extra help to grow and like to climb on a trellis or similar structure for support. Depending on which material you choose, your fence can function as a support structure in a pinch. Which is especially true if your pickets are thin and there are horizontal rails relatively close to the ground.

If your house sits on a hill, your garden may face a setback before it’s even begun. A barrier is necessary to create the flat area of ground needed for plants to grow. In this case, the barrier between the high ground containing your garden space and the lower part of your yard should probably be raised at least a bit above ground level for safety reasons.


There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a neatly trimmed yard space. Clearly define where your garden ends and your lawn begins with a fence and keep the bare dirt from encroaching into what’s meant to be grass. White picket fences were the standard for decades for a reason, and winding iron pickets look perfectly elegant. Seamlessly incorporate your garden into your property’s landscape and keep extra soil and mud from bleeding into your grass.

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