Hardscaping Features to Compliment Your Deck or Fence

Barrick Deck & Fence isn’t our only division! For over 25 years, Barrick & Sons has brought beauty and functionality to neighborhoods across the region through award-winning hardscape and landscape services. Today, we’re taking you through some of the best hardscaping features to compliment your new deck or fence.

Pool Hardscaping

Planning to install a new pool fence for increased privacy or protection? Consider adding a patio or pool deck while you’re at it! No in-ground pool area is complete without a beautiful spread of masonry work surrounding the water. Eliminate worries about mud or grass clippings around the pool’s edge and lay down a hard surface that will dry quickly in the sun and bring style to your lawn. Whether you’re leaning toward a simple paver patio or a more advanced design with outdoor furniture to match, Barrick & Sons has your back!


Maximize the impact of your deck by adding a patio at the base of its steps! With more room to play and decorate, a world of options opens up to homeowners. Construct an elegant pergola to shade your lounge chair set or add a custom outdoor kitchen for a cooking and dining experience like no other. Hang some outdoor lights or flower baskets and you’ve got a lovely space for work or play! Want something a little more breezy? Choose a shade sail in virtually any color and our hardscaping division will install it for you!

Water Features

Ever wanted to turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis? Water features from Barrick & Son provide a myriad of ways to do so. From koi ponds to waterfalls, your property will be transformed before your eyes! Take it a step further and design a custom landscape full of greenery and gardens for bursts of color and life. The view from your backyard deck will be more gorgeous than ever– picture watching the sun rise amidst the soft trickle of water and the rustling of the breeze.

Pathways and Walkways

Last but certainly not least, draw your property together using paved walkways. Far from the generic industrial look of concrete sidewalks, paver pathways offer a wide range of options and aesthetics to compliment any landscaping effort. Step off your deck onto a beautiful custom stone path and wander through the place you call home. From deck to garden to pool, the journey across your property will be made in style.

Ready for a New Deck or Fence?

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