Decking: How to Deal With Tricky Landscapes

When it comes to the housing market, it’s extremely rare to find a property that checks all your boxes and fits your budget. Most homeowners end up making compromises when decision time rolls around, and that’s just the way things go. But if you’re finally starting on that lengthy list of home improvements and find yourself scratching your head at the uneven lawn you were once happy to trade for a finished basement, have no fear– there are plenty of attractive and affordable home exterior options to fit even the most tricky landscape.

Multi-Tiered Decking

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but they sure aren’t convenient when it comes to backyard landscaping. Hilly ground makes everything from lawn mowing to gardening and even walking across the yard ten times more difficult than they have to be– but multi-tiered decking offers a stylish solution. Cut down on the amount of lawn space you have to mow, water, and seed and keep your family from tripping over uneven ground with platforms and a few sets of steps. You can even leave room between the deck’s platforms to plant some greenery, making your deck even more beautiful!

Detached Decking

If your backyard’s elevation or natural growth is sporadic, detached decking might be the style for you. Build a platform to cover rocky, uneven, or muddy ground and get more use out of your lawn space. Bring some patio furniture out there, plant a few flowering bushes, and you’ve got your own private backyard getaway! Detached decks are also great for covering plumbing or drainage areas that are unsightly and/or cause a risk of tripping. Just make sure you consult the respective expert or company to make sure everything is safe and structurally sound!

Raised Decking

If your house is straight-up built on a hill that leaves your backyard with a drop so steep you’re afraid of reenacting Jack and Jill’s tumble, raised decking is probably the way to go! Add a staircase to (even) ground below for another entrance or simply take back the use of your yard with a wide elevated space. The views from a raised deck can’t be beat when it comes to home exteriors, and you’ll be able to step outside after dark without worrying about an unexpected southern trip across the property!

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