Make Your Deck POP With Deck Lighting

As you enjoy your deck on a cool, comfy fall day, make your outdoor space shine with decorative and functional deck lighting. There are many deck lighting styles to pick from.

4 Regions of Beautiful Decking Styles

Where do you live? Some decking styles are more popular in certain geographic regions, especially depending on home design. Here are four examples.

The Case For Garden Fences

If you planted a garden last spring, you’re doubtlessly enjoying the fruits of your labor already. Whether you’re growing fresh vegetables or a beautiful bed of flowers, your work is sure to be rewarded. Your yard will look wonderful to boot. Who doesn’t love a pop of...

Why Vinyl Pool Decks Are So Popular

If you’re sick of splinters and staining, it might be time to replace that wooden deck with a vinyl one! This material requires none of the additive sealants or protective coatings natural wood does and stands up incredibly well against wear all on its own. Vinyl is...

Why Should I Get a Fence?

Why Should I Get a Fence?

From safety to aesthetic appeal, fencing holds many benefits for every household, especially those that include young children or pets.

Is it Safe to Power Wash My Deck?

If your deck has lost its luster, you may be wondering how to clean it. In this article, we discuss when it’s safe to power wash your deck.