4 Tips to Make Good Use of Your Deck Even in the Winter

The air may be mild, but it’s never too early to plan ahead! Summer is the best season to make good use of your backyard deck, but the fun doesn’t have to stop once winter rolls around. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your deck year-round!

Outdoor Fireplace

Combine style with substance by installing a beautiful outdoor fireplace on your deck. A cross between a firepit and a living room fireplace, these pieces are a great compliment to low benches or cushioned chairs. Choose between burning kindling for that lovely woodsy scent or the convenience of an electric display. Outdoor fireplaces provide the perfect opportunity to cozy up under the stars and roast s’mores no matter what the temperature is!


Rain or shine, you can enjoy your new deck to the fullest with a tent, canopy, or awning. These provide valuable shade during sweltering summer afternoons and shelter from the elements year round. You won’t have to worry about shoveling a path from the door to your deck stairs with a canopy! Sit outside and watch the snow fall, warm by the fire and protected from the wind and wet.

Holiday Decorations

Christmas in July, anyone? Holiday decorations aren’t just for the front yard! Enjoy the merriest time of year by stringing lights and winding garlands around your railings or posts. Create a winter wonderland right outside your back door to sit and enjoy a moment of peace as you escape from the craziness of a packed holiday season. What could be better than nursing a cup of hot chocolate under the twinkling lights?

Fun in the Snow

If you’ve got any little ones around, your deck might be the perfect snow day setting. Even light snowfalls will show better on a flat, hard surface than the grass, and you can supervise their play from just inside the door without worrying anyone will wander off. This goes for dogs, too– ever seen a puppy experience snow for the first time? Your heart might just melt. If you have an awning or canopy just outside the door, the covered area of your deck is also a great place to leave wet boots and snow gear before making your way inside. Leave the snow outside where it belongs and keep your floors clean and dry!

Ready for a New Deck or Fence?

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