4 Regions of Beautiful Decking Styles

Wondering what decking style is right for your property? It often comes down to the landscape surrounding your home, and the house’s architectural style. The place you live might have more to say about the most fitting style than you’d think! Here are four decking styles popular in four different types of landscapes.

The Southern Veranda

Also called a wraparound porch or deck, verandas call up the image of lush greenery, rolling hills, and sweeping willow trees. The perfect place to relax in the shade, verandas are usually partially enclosed by a railing and complement traditional homes with plenty of yard space. It’s the sort of space you’d imagine once held summer garden parties full of lemonade glasses and hoop skirts. This style is also ideal for areas that receive a lot of year-round heat and sunlight, as verandas are traditionally covered.

Northern Naturals

Ever wanted to stroll through a snow-covered forest with pine needles crunching underfoot? Natural wood or wood composite decking is perfect for homes incorporating stone veneer, cedar siding, and the like. Make your home among the trees and watch the snow fall from your raised backyard deck, just high enough to watch the birds in the trees as you sip your morning cup of coffee. Nothing says “woodsy” like a home built from natural materials!

Urban Rooftop

Living in a city limits your options when it comes to exterior home design, but many urban homes come with a silver lining– a flat roof. From apartment buildings to single family homes, city settings are perfect for rooftop transformations into decks, gardens, and even pools if you’re really lucky! When the lights are low and the sun has set, there’s nothing between you and the stars. No wonder urban real estate is practically worth its square footage in gold!

Coastal Patios

East or West, coastal areas are a fantastic candidate for low-level decking. When there’s not much between you and the ocean, this type of deck is the perfect transition between house and great outdoors. Modern architecture employing a more geometric, angled look has also increased in home design, especially on the West Coast, and low-level decking is the perfect fit for such buildings. Much like patios, low-level decking sits on or just above the ground, but keeps its decking title due to the use of composite materials rather than masonry (far easier to clean and protect from the elements!).

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